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Mary Gilkerson

We're creating a support & networking community for artists

Mary Gilkerson

We're creating a support & networking community for artists

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About Us

Welcome to the ART+WORK+LIVING Community!!

I’m Mary Gilkerson, your host and founder of ART+WORK+LIVING. 

An ART+WORK+LIVING Community membership is your access to me, this amazing community of artists, and the resources I’ve designed to serve artists just like you. My specialty is pushing artists to the next level of success in a positive supportive environment.

ART+WORK+LIVING community members are working in every medium you can think of, and a few you haven’t imagined. Their backgrounds and training are just as wide-ranging. 

Some have thriving existing art businesses; some are just taking their first steps.

ART+WORK+LIVING Community members will learn to:

• Develop a regular art practice by leveraging the habit creation loop.

• Give and receive honest, constructive feedback that leads to greater growth in their art.

• Leverage their big ideas into bodies of work that maximize their impact and visibility.

• Take their art to a bigger audience and attract new collectors.

• Push beyond traditional ways of reaching their audience.

• Discover art business models that give them less time at the desk or more time in the studio.

Here’s what’s included with your AWL Community membership:

• Monthly group Q&A/critique live webinar with Mary Gilkerson. 

• Community of success-focused and vision-driven artists just like you.

• Access to a growing resource library. 

• Monthly, guided themes and challenges on topics like daily art practice, artists’ websites, social media, email marketing, and more.

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